Why should you choose a music class for your little one?

It's often taken for granted, but whether it be singing, dancing, playing an instrument or simply listening to our favourite tunes on the radio, there is no doubt that music features widely in our lives and without it life would be ever so dull.

Music is POWERFUL! It has the ability to make us jump up & break into spontaneous dance (Agadoo anyone?!), it can calm us, unite us (& divide us when it comes to musical taste!), it can make us emotional, make us happy or trigger a particular memory from long ago.

Before babies are even born they can learn & feel music. Research has shown that babies played music whilst in the womb. remembered the same tune months later when out in the big wide world & this same song has also been known to calm a crying baby when played again.....so choose your current playlists carefully as that rock tune may not sound so great when played over & over at 3am trying to soothe your new baby back to sleep!

Joining a weekly music class has heaps of benefits for your little one. Singing traditional lullabies & nursery rhymes to babies & toddlers before they learn to speak is an essential precursor to later educational success & emotional well-being. Singing songs teaches children about how language is constructed. Singing regularly will help your child to build up a vocabulary of sounds and words long before they can understand the meaning.

According to the National Literacy Trust, growing numbers of children are entering nursery & school with inadequate language & communication skills, often because they haven't had the opportunities to develop them. Singing to, and with, a child is the most effective way to transform their ability to communicate. I know that lots of new Mums struggle to do this by themselves which is why Mini Moosic classes are such a fantastic place to remind yourself of all those old rhymes & also to learn a whole host of wonderful new songs that you can call upon at all those trying times....on a long car journey, in the shopping trolley at the supermarket, on the changing mat or for those special moments of togetherness.

Even better than just singing though is to teach songs with actions & by encouraging your child to dance along to the music, they will learn balance, co-ordination, body awareness & rhythm. Music and movement activities also involve relating to others. Children share space and learn to interact with each other whole developing their self-expression & confidence. They share ideas thoughts and feelings through the mediums of music and creative dance.

For me as a class leader it’s important to make each music session really special and exciting. All our Mini Moosic classes are designed to stimulate young minds and with the use of colourful percussion instruments, amazing puppets, great music and exciting weekly themes, it’s not just the little ones who have a great time, but also the parents and carers who can’t wait till the next week to be taken on yet another Moosical journey!! The classes are highly educational and are a fantastic learning experiences for the little ones. This early introduction to music encourages language development, listening and social skills, coordination, confidence, and much more. But most importantly our classes are full of smiles, chatter, wiggles, giggles & FUN!