Happy 1st Birthday Moo Moo!

It has been a whole year since we opened our doors & offered up the fun & lively Moosical classes to the little ones of Billericay & the surrounding areas, and what an adventure it has been!

Through setting up Mini Moosic I have been blessed to meet new parents, doting grandparents & wonderful nannies, along with beautiful growing bumps & inspirational families. I have been happy to offer some a listening ear, some words of advice and a comforting hug to anyone feeling sleep-deprived, anxious or frazzled. Mini Moosic has provided a warm & friendly environment for Mummies to meet and it is always a very heart-warming moment for me when I see a conversation spark up between two new Mums at my class.

I’ve had the absolute privilege of seeing first steps, hearing first words, soothing newborns to sleep & hearing a multitude of giggles & gurgles!

The interest and support since I launched the very first Mini Moosic classes has been overwhelming. My aim with the classes has always been to provide an engaging and exciting weekly musical session where the little ones can learn, grow and develop all while having a whole heap of fun.
I wanted to provide a unique set of classes where all members of the family including grandparents & carers can gather and share in the little ones' delight, development and enjoyment. I wanted to create an environment where everyone can relax, grow and bond together.
I always aim to get everyone involved because I know how wonderfully special it can be to share happy musical moments with your little one. I love to fire & stretch childrens imaginations whether it be with a" Slippery fish", a "Runaway train" or a high-flying kite! Every single themed class is carefully thought out, researched, and rehearsed to a captive audience of three – my long-suffering hubby, devoted Mum and enthusiastic toddler!

It is so wonderful to hear how much your little ones enjoy and look forward to their class each week, with many Mums telling me they are unable to walk past the Church on the High St without their babies pointing and smiling or their toddlers tugging on their arms to go in for some Moosic!

Mini Moosic is truly a magical place and I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved whether you have attended classes, celebrated a birthday party, joined in one of our taster sessions, had a little one enjoy a session at nursery, liked a facebook photo or entered a competition.

I have already got such a special bank of memories just from this past year and I am so exicited to continue this journey and sprinkle lots more Moosical magic..